The Beatles – All Songs 1962-1974 共201首 PDF高清版

The Beatles – All Songs 1962-1974 共201首 PDF高清版

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资料形式: 乐谱 歌曲数量: 201 首 曲谱类型: 五线谱 歌曲名称: The Beatles – All Songs 1962-1974 资料格式: PDF

           All I\’ve GotTo Do
           Please Please Me
           Love Me Do
           All My Loving
           P.S. ILove You
           Bad To Me
           Do You Want To Know A Secret
           Don\’t Bother Me
           Ask Me Why
           Hello Little Girl
           Hold Me Tight
           I Call Your Name
           From Me To You
           IWant To Hold Your Hand
           I\’ll Get You
           Ill Keep You Satifled
           I\’ll Be On My Way
           I Saw Her Standing There
           I\’m In Love
           Little Child
           Love of The Loved
           Not A Second Time
           This Boy
           She Loves You
           Thnk You Girl
           Tips Of My Tongue
           Any Time AtAll
           And I Love Her
           Baby\’s In Back
           From A Window
           Can\’t Bue Me Love
           Eight Days A Week
           Every Litle Thing
           That Means ALot
           The Inner Light
           AHard Day\’s Ng
           IDon\’t Want To See You Again
           I Don\’t Want To Spoil The Party
           I Should Have Known Better
           IfI Fell
           I Wanna Be Your Man
           Ill Be Black
           I\’m Happy Just To Dance With You
           Ill Cry Instead
           Ill Follow The Sun
           It\’s For You
           Like Dreamers D
           Nobody I Know
           She\’s A Woman
           Tell Me Why
           There\’s APlace
           What You\’re Doing
           World Without Love
           Things We Said Today
           When I Get Home
           You Can\’t Do That
           Another Girl
           Day Tripper
           Drive My Car
           INeed You
           IfI Needed Someone
           I\’m Down
           I\’m Looking Through You
           In My Life
           It\’s Only Love
           I\’ve Just SeenAFace
           The Night Before
           Norwegian Wood
           Nowhere Man
           Run For Your Life
           Tell Me What You See
           Ticket To Ride
           We Can Work It Out
           The Word
           What Goes On
           Yes Itis
           You Like Me Too Much
           You\’re Going To Lose That Girl
           You\’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away
           Doctor Robert
           And Your Bird Can Sing
           Eleanor Rigby
           Good Day Sunshine
           GotTo Get You Into MyLife
           Here There And Everywhere
           IWant To Tell You
           For No One
           I\’m Only Sleeping.
           Love You To
           Paperback Writer
           Tomorrow Never Knows
           Yellow Submarine
           She Said She Said
           All You Need Is Love
           Being For The Benefit Of Mr.Kite
           Baby You\’re A Rich Man
           I Feel Fine
           A Day In The Life
           Fixing A Hole
           The Fool On The Hill
           Getting Better
           Good Morning, Good Morning
           Hello Goodbye
           IAm The Warlus
           Lovely Rita
           Magical Mystery Tour
           Penny Lane
           Sgt. Pepper\’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
           She\’s Leaving Home
           Strawberry Fields Forever
           Blue Jay Way
           Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
           When I\’m Sixtly Four
           With ALittle Help From My Friends
           Within You Without You
           Your Mother Should Know
           Don\’t Pass Me By
           For You Blue
           Across The Universe
           All Together Now
           Back In The U.S.S.R
           You Know My Name (L ook Up The Number)
           The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill
           Cry Baby Cry
           Dear Prudence
           Everybody\’s Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey
           Glass Onion
           Happiness Is A Warm Gun
           Helter Skelter
           Good Night
           Hey Bulldog
           Honey Pie
           I\’m So Tired
           It\’s AIl Too Much
           Lady Madonna
           Martha My Dear
           Only A Northern Song
           Mother Nature\’s Son
           Ob-L a-Di, Ob-L a-Da
           Rocky Raccoon
           Sexy Sadie
           Step Inside Love
           Wild Honey Pie
           Why Don\’t We Do If In The Road
           While My Guitar Gently Weeps
           Savoy Trufle
           Old Brown Shoe
           Long Long Long
           Yer Blues
           Carry That Weight
           Come Together
           Don\’t Let Me Down
           The Ehd
           Get Back
           Golden Slumbers
           Her Majesty
           I Want Y
           Maxwell\’s Siver Hammer
           Mean Mr. Mustard
           Polythene Pam
           She Came In Trought The Bathroom Window
           Oh! Darling
           Here Comes The Sun
           Octupus\’s Garden
           Two OfUs
           You Never Give Me Your Money
           Sun King
           Oo You
           Maggie Mae
           The Long And Winding Road
           I Me Mine
           Dig A Pony
           Dig it
           One After 909
           Let It Be
           Hey Jude
           The Ballad Of John And Yoko
           Power To The People
           Give Peace A Chance
           I\’ve GotA Feeling

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